Salsa caleña

Colombian-style salsa is a type of salsa that is danced almost exclusively in the South American country of Colombia. Colombian salsa is known for its rapid and intricate footwork as well as the athletic lifts and tricks that are incorporated into their dancing.

The basic Colombian step is similar to Cumbia (another dance which originated in Colombia) but the pace is much more rapid, with extra kicks and steps added in. Unlike other salsa styles, in Colombian salsa the upper body remains mostly rigid, with most of the movement occurring in the hips and legs.

Colombian salsa originated in the city of Cali, Colombia (which is why the style is also referred to as “Cali-style salsa” or “Salsa Caleña”), which calls itself the “World Capital of Salsa”. There are more salsa schools and salsa teams in Cali than any other city in the world, and salsa is on the level of a national sport, with many competitions held in Colombia throughout the year.

Every Saturday, 18.30 -19:30

Level: Basic