Workshops mit Jennifer Mann

Verpasse auf keinen Fall dieses grandiose Workshop Wochenende!

Jennifer Mann beehrt uns am 10. und 11.02.2024 und bringt uns Yoga Flow und die Weissmann Technique mit (Beschreibung siehe unten).

Yoga Flow:

10.02.2024, 14:00-15:00
11.02.2024, 10:00-11:00


10.02.2024, 15:15-17:15
11.02.2024, 11:15-13:15

Einzelstunde Yoga Flow: 20€
Einzelstunde Weissmann-Technique: 30€
Ein Tag: 45€
Ganzes Wochenende: 80€

Zur Anmeldung sende uns einfach eine E-mail ( oder melde dich bei uns am Schreibtisch an.

Link zum Showreel:

What is the weissmann technique® ?
The weissmann technique® is a method of teaching and training developed by Jennifer
Mann and Heidi Weiss. It provides dancers with tools that support technical precision
while they engage in a continual changing flow of movement. Its roots lie in modern
dance, but its expression breaks past molds, becoming a fusion that is structured, yet
highly physical and dynamic. Jennifer and Heidi’s modern dance education combined
with jazz, improvisation and a deep immersion in the studies and practice of yoga and
meditation are all components that have led to the development of this unique training
method. Many years of collaborative choreographic work and research have also greatly
contributed to their movement vocabulary and the creation of the weissmann

This immersive 2 hour class dives deep into a well rounded weissmann technique® dance
experience. The first segment of the class focuses on arriving in your body and space
through mindful breathing and warming yoga flows. The sequences that follow unfold
progressively from the simple towards the complex, exploring a balance between your
technical skills and the capacity to flow and move through space freely. Targeted themes,
based on the weissmann principles, overlap and build upon one another. These phrases
explore all spatial levels and a variety of qualities while warming your body from the
inside out.

Emphasis is placed on:
* gravity and your relationship to the earth
* intention of movement and how you direct your energy in time and space
* precision in musicality and dynamics

The class culminates in a longer choreography that embodies all the principles and
qualities explored throughout the class. A field of space opens up for play, exploration,
communication, integration and choice making. You are challenged to take risks, to
expand your boundaries, to build stamina and to cover more space. An exciting playlist
supports the entire training journey, creating a joyful, celebratory atmosphere. This
balanced play between freedom and structure, precision and fluidity, enjoyment and craft,
is why weissmann technique® works!

Jennifer is an experienced teacher who has been dedicated to contemporary dance for
over 27 years. She is well known in the Berlin scene and internationally for her
inspirational and motivational style of teaching. Jennifer teaches with a positive energy
and a passion for moving in an atmosphere that is supportive and uplifting.

Yoga Flow:
Yoga Flow is a dynamic practice that synchronises movement directly with
the flow of breath. This impulse becomes a source of rhythm that moves you
in and out of the yogic postures in a conscious and fluid way. A thorough
warm-up evolves into sequences that wake up strength, stamina, balance
and flexibility. Clear alignment tips encourage stability in the practice, while
cultivating a mindful approach to movement and self-awareness. It is a
physical meditation that can be a powerful experience of the present

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